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The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug.  ~Mark Twain

This is a listing of the places where I am published. Please contact me at regarding freelance or contributing works or reprinting rights.  Rates are negotiable.

Weekly Columns and Stringer:

The Charlotte Observer/South Charlotte News – Contributing Weekly Food Columnist

Seafood Industry Trade Magazines:

Intrafish – Fish Farming International – February, March and April 2010 Farm Focus Sections – Ongoing

Seafood Business – Op-Ed April 2010 – “Take a Lesson From Canada”

Food Blogs: – Editor and Founder – Contributor

Online Magazines and Print: – Contributing Writer – Beginning September 2010 – Contributing Writer – Beginning April 2010 – Contributing Writer – Beginning April 2010

Copyrights – All content and food photos on this site and at the links above are the property of Eric Ackerson (author) and (publisher) except as where noted (published works on commission).  All non food photos or those marked otherwise are the property of the original authors or assignees and are duly noted and used under “Free License” statutes.

Many of the “stock” photos on my site are pulled from Wikipedia.  I understand them to be free to use.

Contributions for other publications are case by case and should be cleared through the publication itself.  In some cases they may refer you back to me.

Research sources are sited except those not requiring notation.  If you feel I have errantly published anything in violation of copyright laws, please allow me a chance to correct the mistake by emailing me at  I will reply promptly with a contact number and will make every effort to correct the mistake and give proper credit to all sources.  I try to live by the Food Bloggers Code of Ethics, however, I am a human under tight deadlines and occasionally I might miss something.  I do everything in good faith…

If you wish to reprint, quote or otherwise distribute any content found in this site or my other copywritten work, please contact me at for permission except when you are already giving proper credit, name and active permanent hyperlink to the original work and no personal profit comes from use of my work in which case you are “Free to Use”.  I would appreciate a note at the email above to include a link back to your site from mine.   This is specifically for other bloggers citing my articles or recipes but may apply in other circumstances.  Please contact me with questions or for clarification.   Happy Blogging.

Thanks for reading, never stop being curious!  – Eric Ackerson

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  1. October 26, 2010 3:59 pm

    Your job is done with knowledge. I adore it.

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