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Versatile and Various

September 28, 2010

ver·sa·tile [vur-suh-tl or, especially Brit., -tahyl]  Show IPA

1. capable of or adapted for turning easily from one to anotherof various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.: a versatile writer.

The Next Movement – The Roots In the eighties and nineties I listened to all kinds of underground music including punk rock, hardcore and hip hop.  I think it was The Roots who had a lyric about being versatile and various.  I loved The Roots and saw them perform several times with De La Soul and other great groups of the time.  Today I am experiencing musical versatility by listening to the music that my daughters find enthralling, namely Justin Beiber, Disney artists galore, The Wiggles etc.  I think it is good for my soul to watch them blossom into music lovers travelling down whichever path presents itself, although I admit I would prefer other musical selections.

Today I received a comment from Dan of IslandEat’s blog, awarding this blog the Versatile Bloggers award.  Of course to appreciate it I had to research the word and its meaning.  Thus the definition above.

Speaking of versatility, this year has required me to be extra versatile due to the many unforeseen and unfortunate things that have befallen my family and my normally regular life.  I’m not complaining, as it has certainly made me stronger.  However, I would have preferred to have been less versatile in that sense.

As I type this I am suffering through a second bout with an unusual eye condition that causes me to lose sight in my eye for 3-4 weeks and is incredibly painful and disorienting. Also the aforementioned unfortunate things threw me off my schedule with this whole blog in the first place.  I have never quite regained that momentum.  However, I am pressing on at the pace I can afford.  Does that make me versatile?  Or is it as Dan very nicely comments, the nature of this blog in the first place to be a versatile blog?

However it came to be, I am grateful to Dan for a kind comment and the award in the first place.  It always pleases me to know that I have never been alone in this adventure.

On that note, not being alone means I pay homage to the community of bloggers that have both inspired me and given me countless great ideas for recipes as well as techniques (Photos were a problem when I began this journey for example).  I will award the 10 bloggers I feel show versatility at the close of this posting.

The award conditions stipulate that I also mention 10 things I like.  This should be fun.  In no particular order:

1.  Music –

I admit I am a plugged in music junky.  Often to the consternation of my wife who, while driving in a vehicle, just cannot understand why “Immigrant Song” must be turned ALL THE WAY UP!  P.S. Here is why it should be!

2.  Movies-

I especially like sci-fi and action flicks with lots of gore.  This probably has something to do with my childhood when I was not allowed to watch such things.  AH Dreck!

3.  Travel-

As you may be able to tell from this blog, I like to travel.  I have been around the world several times.  I someday hope to hit every country or at least every continent, but for now I am cool with being the first Ackerson to visit Asia since my great uncle in WW2.  I am fortunate to have married a woman from Belize, so I get to visit there regularly, which does not suck.  I especially love Europe with its history and food culture.  But I am also partial to the middle east with the flavors and smells of the spice routes of old.  Really, truly I just love to travel.  Oh yeah, Iceland is really cool, both literally and figuratively.

4.  Old Pickup Trucks-

Old Ford and Chevy Pickup Trucks lovingly restored with that gutteral earth rumbling sound they make are a guilty pleasure.

5. Books-

I have always been a reader.  Curling up with a book on a day like today(cloudy rainy) is about as self indulgent as I get.  Getting lost in a novel, in particular a great work of fiction has helped me imagine time spent travelling or life other than my own and captivated my senses since youth.  I owe it to all the authors I admire that I ever picked up a pen.  And I owe it to Microsoft that I continued into typing. I hate hand cramps…

6.  Dogs-

I love them.  I have a cat, but I love dogs…

7.  Hiking, Climbing and Skydiving-

Yup I am a bit crazy, but I love all of the above.

8.  My daughters-

They can be challenging as any parent will understand.  Yet, there is nothing so sweet as a child’s hug.  I know many people claim that a child’s laugh is the best, but I prefer the quieter moments.

9. My wife-

She is amazing.  You should meet her!

10.  Cooking and Writing-

A twofer to close it out.  It seems appropriate that I mention this facet of my life.  Obviously I cook.  Obviously I write.  Little did I realize growing up how important this would be to my life.  We ate well as kids but I really discovered my love for cooking after I left our house.  The writing is a direct genetic inheritance from my father who is an English Teacher.  Again, thanks Dad.

Now that you know me a little better, I turn my attention to the cast of characters that have driven me to be a better blogger.  Thanks to each and every person who reads this blog and please take a few minutes to get to know some of my friends:

1. CiaoFlorentina – Peace Love and Food:

Florentina has made a name for herself in creating an online space that is truly versatile.  She reaches out to foodies of all stripes and provides a space for everyone to express their love of food.  Great images, a warm environment and a welcoming place to gather is her goal, one she succeeds at in spades I might add.

2.  Kitchen Confidante – Liren has been versatile in her search for great flavors as captured and presented in excellent images since she first started.  I have personally cooked several of her recipes to great result and can report that they look as good as they taste.  Also she runs one of the more polished blogs I have seen.

3. Shizuoka Gourmet – There is only so much one can say about this wonderful blog that ahs not been said before.  i was lucky enough to find this blog while on Food buzz in the early days of MHT.  When I finally reach Japan on our journey, I will be consulting SG for info on Japanese food.  This is a veritable encyclopedia of information and great photos.  I get hungry every time I stop in…

4.  The Spice Garden– In addition to being a very good friend and regular commentator on MHT, Susan at The Spice Garden will leave your mouth watering with her step by step recipes and great photos.  Her versatility shows in her two word photo recipes.  It shows in her range of topics.  It shows in the fact that I know her voice, even though we have never spoken.  Nuff said…

5. What’s Cooking In Your World – Just came across this blog recently and to tell you the truth, I was pleased to see yet another intrepid foodie cooking the globe in similar fashion to MHT.   Sarah has a deft touch with the global cuisine.  She has not tied herself to the national dishes angle, (note to self: more versatility) and is flying through the list of countries.  I wish her godspeed and good winds…

6.  Global Table Adventure – We global foodies are a tight bunch and Sasha Martin is a great example of what TO DO in blogging the planet one dish at a time.  Sasha is doing one meal per week (multiple courses) that rivals my best efforts and shows that all important word, versatility!  She helped me locate “Whats Cooking in Your World” and has suggested a global foodie seminar in the future.  I like it.

7. Weave Thousand Flavors – Devaki Das is awesome.  I can taste her food in her words.  I love that she is not stuck one thing.  She epitomizes versatile.  I want her to cook for me some day.  Oh please cook for me some day!?  See I am begging.  I have no shame.  I don’t care…

8. Culinary Schmooze – A social network for foodies.  But not the stuffy too many buttons friend everyone in hopes of promoting yourself type of social network.  This site seems like it was made by and for foodies.  Designed to bring a bit of each participant into play, it is versatile and homey at the same time.  I Approve The Schmooze….

9. The Pioneer Woman – There is no denying the versatility and skill with which Ree has made her name in this blogiverse.  She ranks up there with Michaelangelo in my book.  In fact maybe better.  Am I getting carried away?

Thank you Dan for thinking of me, and in a final showing of versatility, my list of 10 is only 9 this time around.  Love to you all!!

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  1. September 28, 2010 10:01 am

    I found your site on Google and read a few of your other entires. Nice Stuff. I’m looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. September 28, 2010 7:56 pm

    hey! congrats … and thanks! virtual hug comin’ your way!

  3. September 29, 2010 9:06 am

    You are too kind, Eric! Thank you for the award and lovely description. Looks like I am in great company 🙂 Things are wild and crazy, but trucking along and loving everything I am learning from my Adventure.

    BTW I ADORE Pioneer Woman too. Did you know Ree’s ranch is right here in Oklahoma?

  4. September 29, 2010 5:52 pm

    What could I say ? It is people like you that inspire me and keep me going. Goes to show that behind every computer screen is a real person. I feel so blessed to have connected with some of the best people I’ve ever met. Thank you for the honor to be mentioned at the beginning of your post. What a great bunch of delicious people to share the page with.


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