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A Welcome Back To Me…

April 27, 2010

Good Morning Travellers,

I have returned from the death defying wilds of urban Vancouver (really quite tame actually) on Canada’s west coast.  This is a brief update before we resume the journey.

I have emailed the winner of the latest MyHungryTum/EZ-Red contest giveaway.  I will give them a reasonable amount of time to reply before choosing a new winner.  Since I was choosing from email addresses, I have limited contact info for the winner.  For the record, our winner is named Beverley (no last name known).  If you are Beverley and are reading this, please email me at to claim your prize.

Vancouver is a lovely and exciting city.  If it weren’t for the fog and rain that plague the Northwest (also helping create one of the most unique ecosystems on earth, the Coastal Northern Rainforest) it would likely have a population of 6 Billion.  It is a great place to visit and for foodies it is a sort of Mini Mecca.  I highly encourage anyone who is able, to visit this place and bring your appetites.

While in B.C. (British Columbia) I had a great dining experience with a friend who writes on food, culture etc and who has a gifted palate.  If you have never been to an Izakaya before, imagine Tapas Japanese Style.  Beautiful small plates of the freshest and tastiest ingredients in a comfy and inviting pub environment.  Presentation and freshness are fundmental to the cuisine and Izakayas compete for interesting menu choices that change regularly.  Make sure to ask about daily specials.  You will not be disappointed.

I also got to experience a truly “Canadian” pastime by attending my first ever National Hockey League game which happened to be a playoff game between the Canucks and the LA Kings.  One word description:  Deadly!!!

I have been suffering a malady of the eye over the last couple of weeks.  As I write this I think of how valuable each of the senses is to our experiences.  I am grateful to have all of my senses generally in tact but have been reminded how intregal the sense of sight is to everything we do each day.  It amazes me when someone has learned to adapt to a permanent loss of vision, as even a temporary condition can be debilitating.  My balance has suffered alongside my patience.  Even thinking becomes difficult when the distraction of a malfunctioning cornea sets in.  Fortunately, I have a solid diagnosis now and with the aid of some pharmaceutical “big guns” as the Optometrist put it, I expect to be back on my feet soon.  In the meantime, my time table has been set back by this and by my travels, so my apologies for slow updates.  We will resume in high gear shortly.

In ongoing news, I am going to be doing a live internet based radio program with Florentina Liles of which will be based at her excellent website.  We are considering a live call-in format or a listener chat forum where we will reply to questions comments etc.  Should be lots of fun.  I hope you will all join us. Details to follow soon.

Finally, I am grateful to each of you for the continued support of MyHungryTum and the Universal Language Series.  It has been so encouraging to read the comments and feedback of my favorite folks.  Please keep it up.  I do not think I could continue without each of you.

Our next destination is in Asia deep in the Indonesian Archipelago.  This seafood recipe looks fabulous so stay tuned for an update most likely to come tomorrow.  I plan on getting back in the kitchen tonight after a long hiatus.  I can hardly wait!!


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  1. April 27, 2010 12:29 pm

    Love how you travel through food. For some of us who cannot hop on a plane, it totally works!

  2. April 27, 2010 4:32 pm

    LOL Thanks Guys! I appreciate your kind words.

    Will be presenting these journeys by interent radio on in the near future. No charge for tickets! 😉 Hope you join the experience.

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