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Lines, Lines, Everywhere are Lines – Intimidator Opening Day 2010

March 27, 2010

Hello Foodies,

This will be the first time I post on a topic unrelated to food.  Those of you that are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to know me, know that I am a bonafide Adrenaline Junkie.  I like extreme sports and random acts of death defying stupidity, preferrably packaged and the higher the better. 

I also happen to live very close to a small but fun theme park called Carowinds.  The kids love it!!  This year the park has opened a huge new roller coaster called, The Intimidator.  I drive right by the park nearly every day and have been waiting in anticipation of opening day for several months while watching the construction of the ride.  This morning I set my alarm and got up early to be in line for the grand opening.

The key word here is “lines” as you may already have guessed from the title.  Here is the line for getting my season pass validated. 

Here is the line once you have been cleared from the first line.

Here is the line for people in groups.

Here is me in the line for single riders (much faster)!!

Here is the line at the top of the stairs just before you get on. 

Carowinds has been touting the Intimidator as the largest Roller Coaster in the Southeast and people have driven in from all over to be one of the “First”.  At over 230 Feet at the first drop, with a 74 degree pitch, Intimidator is enough to make even the most die hard coaster fan tremble in anticipation.  And it delivers in spades!!

I had just enough sense to count at least 3 zero gravity moments when your heart floats up into your esophagus.  Reaching top speeds of 80 miles per hour and with a track more than 1 mile in length, Intimidator lives up to it’s Nascar inspired theme.  It delivers a real high speed rush except you don’t only turn left.

Unfortunately I was barred from taking my camera on the ride.  So pictures of the superstructure will have to suffice.

But trust this face, Intimidator is worth the drive and worth the lines.  You will be thrilled!!

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