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Announcing the winner of the Shun Knife! Congrats!

March 15, 2010

Hello Foodies and Friends,

Today is a day to celebrate.  I am celebrating the Spring.  It is finally here to stay (fingers crossed).

One of my lucky readers is celebrating a victory in the first MyHungryTum Contest Giveaway in conjunction with Shun/Bob Kramer Knives.   Here are the official rules: You can see the creative and well written responses listed below the rules.

As you can see, to keep it fair and balanced, I had my wife do the judging.  As she had not seen any of the entries and as I printed and blacked out any personal info, she picked based on A) Rules Followed B) Favorite entry

The competition was very tough and the decision was a narrow victory, but I think she made the right choice, and the winner will definitely put it to great use. 

Don’t forget, I would appreciate a picture of the “Prize” being used in your kitchen! 

And so, without further delay, the winner is:

Marissa from “All In Good Food” a great blog about Bento Boxes and Japanese and Korean(My favorite Asian cuisine) cuisine.    You can follow her at . Congratulations Marissa! You are the official winner of the Shun knife.  I will contact you with details today.

To everyone who entered, thank you for making this fun and interesting.  There were many entries that I would have chosen as well, but Marissa won fair and square and with her Asian culinary focus will definitely appreciate the knife.

I will be announcing new contests in the near future, some for the world and some for my Charlotte Area Tweeps.  It depends on the sponsor, but I look forward to the next one as much as hopefully you do……


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  1. March 15, 2010 2:27 pm

    Congrats Marissa!! Nice!

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