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As promised a very sharp contest and prize…Good Luck!

March 1, 2010

Hello and Good Fortune Foodies!

I have been promising  a nifty contest and prize for some time now.  I do not tell lies, so here it is!!

Kershaw/Shun/Bob Kramer Knives and are offering a fabulous prize to the winner of this contest: Click the link for official details.

Please see the following link to support my fabulous sponsors and help make these contests possible:
Good Luck and Stay Sharp!

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  1. March 4, 2010 11:18 am

    My husband always tells me that you need ‘the right tool for the right job’ . Well, that shiny little utility knife looks like just the ticket for chopping a mound of onions and mushrooms and gliding through a few pounds of sirloin tips to make wonderfully uniform strips of bite-sized morsels for a gigantic pan of satiny, gravy-gooey sirloin tips. Gosh, I bet it would even make short order of salad fixin’s so that a big old green salad could be waiting on the sideboard by the time my husband and his poker pals are ready to break for the tradition Poker Night Beef and Brews the next time we host! I might stop short of brandishing said utility knife in front of the guys and crowing about ‘the right tool for the job’ … that might be a bit much. What do you think?

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