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Update: Day 20 dish 11

January 27, 2010

Azerbaijan was the last country in the letter A column.  We will move onto the B’s next starting with the Bahamas. 

After the first several weeks, I have decided to make a few quick observations on my progress and the reactions of readers. 

First, thanks for all the feedback. It is nice to see people enjoying the journey nearly as much as I am(I am eating all of this good stuff afterall).  If you cook any of the dishes please let me know how it worked out for you.  It is very likely that I will need to tweak the recipes from time to time.  I have cooked and updated the recipes based on real life experiences but I am afterall only human.  Please be specific in your suggestions.

Second, several people have asked me if I am actually making the journey to these countries.  The answer is no and I apologize for my vagueness in explaining this challenge.  I have travelled to many places and will elaborate on those chapters where I have actually been in the country.  However, between my full time day job, researching, cooking, photographing and managing this blog, I doubt I would have the time to hit each country in order, every two days!  And so we are making a fictitious journey by small ship while actually cooking the food in Charlotte NC, where I call home.   Also there is the issue of the expense.  If the FOOD NETWORK or DISCOVERY etc, wish to nominate me to make the real journey, then I am happy to make the sacrifice assuming they are paying the bills.  Call me guys!

Third, it is very easy to get trapped into taking a political stand in the many countries globally that are in conflict.  One of the tendencies of people is to inject their personal feelings and outlook into their verbal opinions.  I am American and despite this, I do not believe that I know everything about struggles between different groups in different places where I have never been or lived.  And furthermore, this is really about food.  There are however a few places where you will notice that I bring up issues, such as slavery in Western African Countries or the impact of European Colonization throughout the world.  I believe there is sufficient evidence on record to validate my statements.  Also, with issues such as slavery and it’s awful history, I find it impossible to be objective.   The issues I am avoiding are conflicts that are ongoing and generally involve multiple positions on which I do not feel qualified to assert my own opinion.

Although it is and has been very easy to simply rephrase Wikipedia on issues of Geography and History, I do not assert an experts opinion on any of these topics.  I am researching each country very briefly in order to keep a pace.  I will miss key facts and could certainly be corrected by someone with more knowledge than myself.  On the other hand, I am learning new things every day that are adding to my world view and I am finding it fascinating.   I am sure that some of you had never heard of Andorra like myself.  Actually I thought it was the country from that film “The Princess Diaries” and completely fictitious.  Oh how wrong I was.

Finally, I will do my best to explore landmarks and points of interest throughout this journey, but I would ask that noone write a thesis or paper based entirely on my blog.  It would most likely result in a failing grade for you, something I wish to avoid altogether.

Thanks to everyone who is reading this, and I will write updates every month or so similar to this one in order to summarize my thoughts on the journey thus far.

Bon Voyage. Bon Appetite!

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  1. Aussieinnewyork permalink
    January 27, 2010 2:05 pm

    My guess is Bruges, Belgium. I could be wrong, no one would show off a beer if it’s not Australian or Belgium 🙂

  2. Chris permalink
    January 28, 2010 12:28 pm

    Great Blog!!!!! Great concept…makes me hungry already.

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