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The Rebirth of MyHungryTum

January 5, 2010

Hello Foodies!

Well if you are reading this then I have moved.  You thought I was going to say died.  It would be hard to cook in a coffin so rest easy…..

I decided to make the move to after giving it a gander and liking the functionality of the blog better than my previous blog at  Sorry Blogspot.  You are easier to use but have less options for customization.    I am going to place a poll up here and see what everyone thinks of the new look.  Please offer feedback and comments as I can consider them for further beautification.

One of the features I most like is the ability to categorize my posts.  For example, this will allow me to pin recipes to a recipe category for easy surfing for you, my loyal readers.  Feel free to explore the category tab located to the right.  I will categorize every posting before I publish it.  I am going to add the recipes from blogspot, but will leave most of the other content there as it is a part of that time in my past.  There might be a few favorites that I paste up here for new readers, but you can still surf over to to find older content.

I look forward to the feedback and hope you like my new blog home.


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